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microwave bowl cozy


Bowl cozy

No more burning finger tips, no more using kitchen towels.

Cute bowl cozy fits regular size soup bowl approximately 6-7 in.bowl diameter.

Made of 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread for 100% microwave safe.

It has other uses as well:

  • Use it to corral TV remotes in the living room. (I’m not promising everyone in your household will remember to put them there, but at least they’ll have a place!)
  • Place a cozy on your dresser to hold jewelry, or beauty essentials
  • Hold potted plants in a bowl. It adds a decorative touch to your decor and keeps dirt and water splashes off surfaces.
  • Transport spices, napkins, and silverware from the kitchen to the table with a bowl as a pretty centerpiece.
  • Place a bowl by the front door as a catchall for keys, sunglasses, letters, and more.
  • Bowl cozy is perfect for ice cream cold bowl as well as hot soup bowl
  • Never leave unattended and keep the cozy clean  from built up food spills.
  • 7 in.fits a standard size bowl, measures approximately 10 in square.
  • Each cozy is handmade, fabric may slightly differ from the picture.

I ship within 1-3 business day from Calgary,Alberta. Generally takes 5-8 business days.

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Flowers on the vine

White Polka dots

animal print/leopard

animal print/blue

animal print/tiger

fresh meadows/ peach

fresh meadows/ green

acorn and herb/orange


yellow flowers and bees


7 in. bowl, 10 in bowl


yellow flower and bees, acorn and herb/orange, fresh meadow/green, white polka dot, animal print/tiger, animal print/blue, animal print/leopard, flowers on the vine