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Chanterelle Mushroom with Mookaite Jasper, Simple – Copper Necklace


Another familiar favourite for foraging fungophiles, the Chanterelle’s brilliant yellow, orange, or white colouring and distinctive, fan-like shape brings a smile to those fortunate to find them.

Handmade, hammered copper pendant with Mookaite Jasper stone beads.

Sold By: RootedRomantic

Chanterelles live in the woods and are saprophytic (living off of dead organic material) or mycorrhizal (forming relationships with the roots of trees).

They have a fruity aroma, like apricots or pumpkins, and often have a mildly peppery taste. Favourite methods of preparation are sauteed, or as a cream of Chanterelle soup.

Weight .042 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 12 × 1.5 cm


Chain Length

20 inches


Mookaite Jasper